Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Heart is CURSING

Smile more often
so that with your happy smile
i can calm my heart
from constantly looking for you

Smile more often
so that the world will be jealous of you
then my heart which is constantly calling you
would not turn greedy anymore

My heart is cursing because it cant say i love you
the sad words that are stuck in my throat like a thorn
is roaming around my ear all day

Why does it have to be you ?
why did i end up loving you ?
even if i am shaking my head
even if i try  to deny it
now i cannot let go of you

I love you..

Even  if you are not loking at me
you would not know even if i call you thousands of time
you would not know even if i wait at the same place
like a fool i just look at you, this foolish love
you dont know no matter how much i call you...

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